Euro Education Bulgaria is a young company, founded to promote vocational training in the Plovdiv region (Bulgaria) and the internationalization of local training processes. It deals in fact with:

  • Vocational training for all ages.
  • Student mobility of both young Bulgarians to other European countries, and the reception of European students, to internationalize the economic fabric of local companies.
  • Tourist activity, especially for training purposes.
  • Internationalization and innovation in the context of production.

EEB fields of interest are Sustainable Development, Central Role of the Person, Social Community Economy, Subsidiarity, Integration and exchange of knowledge, technologies and cultures. EEB main activities can be grouped in Project Management (according to PRINCE2 Methodology), Needs Analysis Lab, Non-formal education, ICT.

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Maya Popova:

PhD at Department of Animal Sciences of the Agricultural University - Plovdiv in Bulgaria, with the investigation "Status, dynamics and directions of development of breeding and reproductive status of horses of purebred Arabian and Shagia breeds". Master's degree in Equestrian sports from the Thracian University of Stara Zagora. Professional qualification in "Economics and Foreign Trade in Agricultural Products" in the "Center for Additional Training" of the Agricultural University – Plovdiv.
Participant in the national research program "Reproductive Biotechnology in Animal Husbandry in Bulgaria" at the Ministry of Education and Science; in an international educational project under the Erasmus + Strategic Partnership: "Train the Trainer for Sustainable Agriculture, AgriTrain, 2018-1-DE02-KA202-005191".
Leader of a research project at the Agricultural University of Plovdiv on "Potentialities for studying the behavior of free-roaming horses useing modern technologies for monitoring and tracking".
Chairman of the East Bulgarian Horse Association - prepares a draft budget and writes the annual reports and strategy for the activities of the Association; determines the order and organizes the implementation of the activities of the association, including those for the common good, and is responsible for this; Makes decisions for establishing contacts with government and other bodies and organizations, participation in seminars, symposia, trainings and others


Erina Guraziu

PhD at Department of Education of the University of Florence, with the investigation “Project management as a sustainable pedagogic device for developing transversal skills in the context of tertiary education”. Master's Degree in Economics from the University of Florence. Certified Project Manager (PRINCE2® Practitioner - PM4SD® Practitioner). Risk Manager (MoR® Practitioner). She has a consolidated experience in European projects focused the design, implementation and evaluation of new professional profiles through methods focused on a Learning Outcome approach and on the organization of training events through Active Learning



OREN – Multi-stakeholder platform for rural entrepreneurs


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