Project description

OREN is an interactive and multi-stakeholder platform, launched in early 2022 in response to OECD "The New Rural Paradigm: Policies and Governance", and with the main objective to train agricultural entrepreneurs in an interactive in advanced managerial and business skills.

The main objective of the OREN project is to involve agricultural entrepreneurs in an interactive learning programme, specifically designed and addressed to the rural development issues in the COVID era. The partnership will develop an interactive, multi-stakeholder platform that will contain sustainable rural business models, simulation models and mathematical tools, accompanied by managerial courses targeted to agricultural entrepreneurs. By acquiring such skills, the entrepreneurs will be able to analyse the root causes of successful business scenarios in order to improve their expertise and skills in understanding and modelling potential good practices. 

More particularly, the OREN objectives are:

Discover insights and emerging patterns regarding rural business development.- Discover and analyze factors (environmental, socio-economic, geographical.) that contribute to successful rural businesses.
Analyze the structural elements of rural development, map the relationships that might lead to successful business models, and explore them through simulation with the purpose of identifying potential policies and points of unintended consequences
Develop and promote work-based learning for agricultural entrepreneurs with the purpose of increasing their business skills In order to achieve such objectives, the training will provide the involved actors with the skills to design effective business models in diverse settings and the tools (theoretical and technical) to implement them appropriately.

Hence, the OREN project aims to:
Provide of a better understanding of the modern rural economies, generate knowledge of successful rural business models and identify the factors that can lead to sustainable growth.
Provide tools (theoretical and technical) for entrepreneurship in rural areas, a database of business cases and an interactive learning framework.
Through the acquiring of advanced business skills, the OREN project aims at stimulating local economic development especially in poor and remote areas.
Increase the added value of those businesses and lead to job creation in rural areas
Make rural businesses more sustainable and resilient to changes that hinder their development.


OREN – Multi-stakeholder platform for rural entrepreneurs


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