Discover insights and emerging patterns
regarding rural business development.
Map leading relationships to successful business models,and identify good practises
Analyze exogenous factors 
that contribute to successful rural businesses.
Develop and promote theoretical and technical work-based learning for agricultural entrepreneurs.

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The Oren platform approaches the entrepreneurs establishing a multi-stakeholder interaction, as a valuable strategy to enhance the modern rural economy opportunities. 
We work to strengthen and improve the rural system, building and transferring a dynamic capability, which can help rural players to trig experience and interaction for sustainability, increasing the business skills of rural entrepreneurs, by promoting continued education and training in advanced aspects of business management.
We use participatory research and impact evaluation as practical tools informing action, outcomes, and learning. 

The importance of a business model

We are living in a world where priorities change over and over again. Rapid transformation in the international economy, the recession, the COVID-19 pandemic, the emergence of important non-farm activities in rural regions, in combination with the consequences from the ongoing climate changed, have put an extra burden to rural entrepreneurs, who are facing increasing complexity in their business, which is exacerbating existing vulnerabilities, but also significant and favorable opportunities of growth. Read more

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OREN – Multi-stakeholder platform for rural entrepreneurs.
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OREN – Multi-stakeholder platform for rural entrepreneurs


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