boosting european rural entrepreneurship

An Entrepreneurs’ Toolbox


The Oren platform approaches the entrepreneurs establishing a multi-stakeholder interaction, as a valuable strategy to enhance the modern rural economy opportunities.
We work to strengthen and improve the rural system, building and transferring a dynamic capability, which can help rural players to trig experience and interaction for sustainability, increasing the business skills of rural entrepreneurs, by promoting continued education and training in advanced aspects of business management.
We use participatory research and impact evaluation as practical tools informing action, outcomes, and learning.

What OREN offers

Business Model Prototyping: test your idea of a business model into a risk-free environment

Review of the most promising rural business models, analyzing their critical success factors

Analysis of fundamental dynamics through a community-based approach in the rural context

An Interactive Learning Environment aimed at the acquisition of technical and entrepreneurial skills

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Project Results

National Report

The OREN project developed national reports with the aim to identify the common obstacles, challenges and opportunities rural entrepreneurs face.



Outcomes of PR1

Outcomes of PR1

The OREN project aims at supporting rural entrepreneurs, giving them tools and building their skills to create and run rural, sustainable businesses in the context of the 21st century. In order to understand, in depth, the situation of rural businesses and...

1st International Multiplier Event – Rome, Italy

1st International Multiplier Event – Rome, Italy

OREN’s first International Multiplier Event (ME), organised by SYDIC, took place in Rome, Italy, on July 10th.The meeting was held at the “Sala delle Bandiere”, at the European Parliament venue, in the center of Rome.Fig.1: Andrea Brundo, Camillo Carlini, and Stefano...


OREN – Multi-stakeholder platform for rural entrepreneurs.
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