The Project


OREN is an ERASMUS+ funded project started on February 2022. By its completion, due in 2024, OREN will provide new and existing Entrepreneurs in the rural domain with a unique toolbox. The provided tools will include courses, guidelines and, most of all, an integrated platform for Business Prototyping, where it will be possible to test and tune one’s own Business Plan.



Within the last century the drive for urbanisation has been constantly challenging the rural world in terms of social, economic, and environmental aspects.
War in Ukraine and the energy crisis are the last in a series of tolls following the COVID pandemic, the emergence of important non-farm activities in rural regions, consequences from the ongoing climate changes, and more.

But rural areas in Europe still have tremendous potential.

The Goal


The core objective of the OREN project is to foster an interactive learning environment for agricultural entrepreneurs, tailored to the unique demands of rural development in the current landscape. To achieve this, our partnership will create a multi-stakeholder platform that incorporates sustainable rural business models, simulation tools, and mathematical models. Complementing these resources will be targeted managerial courses, designed to equip entrepreneurs with the necessary skills to analyze successful business scenarios and enhance their expertise.

What OREN will achieve


Test managerial skills through a simulation-based learning environment and provide business owners with the possibility to create and test their own real business models in risk free scenarios.

Enhance the skills and knowledge of rural entrepreneurs including a thorough understanding of their potential in terms of economic, environmental and social impact.

Development of an Interactive Learning Environment to increase understanding of real world scenarios with the help of simulation models.

The Path


Within the OREN project, we have outlined several key objectives. Firstly, we aim to uncover valuable insights and emerging patterns related to rural business development. Through comprehensive analysis, we seek to identify the various factors, such as environmental, socio-economic, and geographical influences, that contribute to the success of rural businesses. Furthermore, we endeavor to examine the structural elements of rural development, mapping relationships that lead to prosperous business models. Through simulation and analysis, we aim to identify potential policies and unintended consequences, ultimately guiding the formulation of effective strategies.

A multi-stakeholder approach



Encourages coworking between rural businesses to solve social and environmental issues.

Stimulates synergies that can respond better to the pressures from the climate change effects.

Showcases insights into stakeholders attitudes and interests in relation to sustainable development.

Manifestation of Interest


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