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You can find the results and materials of OREN, all of which are available for free download. This platform offers convenient access to a wealth of valuable resources related to our project, enabling you to explore the outcomes and delve deeper into the project’s materials. We invite you to explore our project results and materials, download what you need, and leverage the valuable insights and information they provide. Feel free to utilize these resources to enhance your own work, spark new ideas, or contribute to the advancement of knowledge within the field.

Intellectual Output One

National Report

The OREN project developed national reports, in all the partners’ countries, with the aim to identify the common obstacles, challenges and opportunities rural entrepreneurs face, and, subsequently, to provide a comprehensive and updated analysis in terms of the competences and skillsets they need to develop sustainable businesses in the 21st century. In additional to a desk research conducted on the specificities of each country, we looked at specific examples of successful businesses, as well as programmes designed for rural entrepreneurs, in order to identify best practices. Finally, a survey of rural entrepreneurs allowed us to define the expectations and needs they have with regards to training.

Intellectual Output Two


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